Welcome to Aim Small Firearms Instruction. We are a full service firearms training school. We offer our clients the finest firearms training available.  Our instructors are N.Y.S. certified law enforcement instructors. We hold NRA as well as FBI training certifications. 

Courses and Training We Offer: 

  • Utah BCI Concealed Firearms Permit
  • NRA Basic Firearms Courses
  • Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Live Fire Training.
  • Putnam County Live Fire Training.
  • Defensive Pistol Training
  • SIRT- Laser Pistol Training
  • Carbine / Rifle Training
  • Defensive Shotgun Training
  • Sporting Clays, Trap and Skeet
  • One on One Training
  • Westchester County/ NYS Pre-Licensing Pistol Safety Course
  • HR 218 LEO Qualifications
  • Tactical / Home Defense Training
  • NEW  3 Day Intensive Tactical Handgun 

                       We are proud to offer all students the chance to participate in
                    our Tactical Pistol Club Shoots using a Laser Training pistol. 
                    handgun permit is not required.  Get the handgun training you
                   want before you get your permit.  Call or email for information.

We also have a Tactical Pistol Club that meets monthly. Click here for more information. 

Range and weapon rentals available upon request. 

We are dedicated to preparing all firearms owners with the training that is needed to be prepared to safely carry, use and defend oneself.  We know that proper training is the key to safety and that without training you will never be prepared to effectively use your firearms.  Whether you are a hunter who wants to be more proficient, a shooter who wants to develop self defense skills or a law enforcement officer who would like to stay qualified, we have a class or program for you.            

Mission Statement:  It is our belief and goal to train each and every student to their maximum potential.  We do not Stress leveled training courses as this implies that you can some how excel after just one course.  We offer Training, continuing training at an affordable cost.  We will not be satisfied untill all of our students have the skills to effectively defend themselves.  Every instructor is committed to making our students the safest and most confident marksman.  We are always available to answer questions and give suggestions.
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(914) 447-7281

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​             Up Coming Events

August 15th. Tactical Pistol: Vehicle tactics
August 16th.  Fundamentals of Defensive
August 29th Utah CFP/ NYS Pistol Permit
                    Safety Lecture
August 30th Introduction to Defensive
                    Long gun Rifle and shotgun.

    Westchester County/ NYS Pistol Safety/
                Putnam County Live Fire.
                    CALL TO SCHEDULE

              HR 218/ LEOSA Qualifications:
       We schedule these on Weekends and as
     needed. Call to Schedule or to find out
                when we are on the range.

"We train you to keep your family safe"
Aim Small Firearms Instruction