Aim Small Firearms Instruction is proud to offer a new, 3-Day Intensive Handgun Course. This course will cover many of the advanced survival skills you'll need when working with a handgun. If you carry a handgun regularly --or, rely on one for self-defense, we suggest you consider this course. For those of you who want to take your skills to the next level and can meet the prerequisites, this class is for you. We will award certificates for successful completion of this 3-day course.
3-Day Intensive Handgun will be held at Blue Mountain Sportsmen's Center on ( dates to be determined - soon). Because of the advanced nature of the drills, this course will be strictly limited to 10 students and enrollment is on a first come, first served basis.
Please see the attached curriculum, pre-requisites and course requirements. If you have any questions or wish to enroll in this class, please REPLY ALL to this email and I will get back to you ASAP.
Fee for the 3 days will be $375.00 we will need 5 students to start this class. The tentative dates of this class are still up in the air as range time has been difficult to determine around the schedule.. I welcome any feedback you have in regards to this class. I would like to have this scheduled by sept 10 giving us plenty of time to make this run . $150.00 Deposits are due  once the date are set. 

if you do not have the basic pre-reqs. and would like to prove that you have the skills please let me know and well work out a time to have you demonstrate.

Aim Small Firearms Instruction 

Advanced Tactical Handgun
Date-   TBD

3-Day Intensive Handgun  

Prospective students must:
 Have attended NYS 47 hour Armed Security Guard Course or Basic Peace Officer Training including weapons portion. 
Be a Retired or active Law Enforcement Officer or Peace Officer.
 Have attended at least 10 sessions of Aim Small Firearms Tactical Pistol Club.
 Have successfully completed a Basic Tactical Handgun course from a respected firearms training school --including but not limited to: Sig Academy, Gunsite, Front Sight, Smith and Wesson Academy, etc. ** Proof of successful attendance required. 
 Have mastered basic weapon handling skills and be able to demonstrate those skills.
Shooters who are accepted to this class and are unable to demonstrate the requisite skills once the class has started will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given. Due to the limited space and pace of this class we will not be able to slow down to teach skills needed to participate.  Single occurrences of safety violations will result in the immediate removal of the offending student without refund.  

Duty Caliber Handgun with appropriate external hip holster (No pocket pistols, derringers, barrels less than 2.5 inches - 38/45/44 revolvers excluded) ● 3 Magazines and Support Side Magazine Carrier 
10 Dummy Rounds ● 700 Rounds of Factory Ammunition ● Electronic/ Hearing Protection ● Eye Protection ● Hat with Visor ● Rain Jacket ● Knee and Elbow Pads● Concealed Carry Garment (jacket, vest or, shirt)
Instructional Objectives:
Enhance speed and effectiveness of handgun presentation
Improve marksmanship skills
Develop and reinforce survival skills with handguns
Effectuate critical responses to threats with tactical movement 
Understand and compensate for the effects of stress on our ability to respond to threats

After participating in this class: 
Students will be able to present from a holster and deliver 2 rounds to a reduced torso target in 2.0 seconds from 21 feet.
Students will be able to identify and demonstrate effective clearance of any handgun stoppages with either hand.
Students will be able to demonstrate firing on the move making hits on target 70% of the time.
Students will demonstrate their ability to use deadly force in a hostage rescue scenario and know their effective distance limitation.

Course Curriculum
Start Time: ~08:00 hrs.
1.Review of safety protocols (~08:00)
2.Reviews of course curriculum, legal implications, mechanics of handgun wounding and tactics. (~08:15-09:00)
3.Dry practice with review of holster presentation and dry firing drills including trigger reset. (~09:00-10:00)
4.Skills assessment qualification (~10:00)
Ability to present from a holster and deliver 2 rounds to center mass of a man sized target from 15ft within 2.5 seconds.
Ability to present from a holster and deliver a single headshot at 15ft within 2.5 seconds.
Ability to perform a slide lock open reload within 2.0 seconds.
Ability to clear a type 3 malfunction within 5 seconds.
5.Continued presentation drills with focus on improving presentation mechanics and speed (~10:30-11:30)
Multiple target
Command target
6.Ready positions and their advantages/disadvantages. (~11:30-12:00)
Sul position, compressed ready, low ready
Begin incorporating ready positions into drills
~12:00 – Lunch (60 mins)
7.Use of cover and concealment (~13:00-14:00)
Drills to reinforce use of cover
8.Emergency response drills (~14:00-14:45)
Close contact firing and recovery 
Defensive push/strike and shoot 
(both dry and live fire)

9.Shooting positions (~14:45-15:30)
Supported/Speed Kneeling
Supine (left/right)
10.Debrief, feedback and questions (~15:30-15:45)
~16:30 – Dinner as a group (attendance is encouraged, but optional)

Start Time: 08:00 hrs. 
1.Immediate action drills (~08:00-09:45)
Type I, II and III
Strong hand only
Support hand only
2.Reloads (~09:45-10:15)
Two hands
Strong hand only
Support hand only
3.Responses to threats left, right and behind (~10:15-11:00)
Proper body position and movement
Presentation and dry firing drills
4.Responses to threats left, right and behind (~11:00-12:00)
Live firing drills
5.Presentation from the holster with concealment garment (~12:00-12:45)
Failure to stop drills from the 5, 7 and 15
~12:45 – Lunch (30 mins)
6.Tactical movement (~13:15-14:15)
Advancing and retreating
Presentation while stepping left/right
Side to side movement
7.Integration of cover and movement (~14:15-14:50)
Moving between 2 points of cover while firing
Begin in seated position – draw, fire and move to cover
8.Ambi from the holster (~14:55-15:35) (run 2 lines, each shooter cycles 4x)
Load 3 magazines with 3 rounds each
Present and deliver a single round to center mass on each of 3 targets
Reload, transfer the gun to support hand only and deliver another 3 rounds to each of the same 3 targets
Reload using only your support hand
Point in and scan/recover
9.Debrief, feedback and questions (15:35-15:45)
*** Most drills on Day 3 will include use of concealment garment

Start Time: ~08:00 hrs.
1.Hostage Rescue (~08:00-08:45)
Presentation with dry firing
Timed live fire drills
2.Shooting on the Move (~08:45-09:30)
Response to threats left, right and behind with movement to cover
3.Effects of stress (~09:30-10:30)
Stress induction drills including physical fatigue used to simulate an adrenal response
4.Support side only (~10:30-11:00)
Support side only shooting from the 7, 15 and 25
5.Positions at Distance (~11:00-12:15)  
Supported/Speed Kneeling and Rollover Prone from the 25 and 50.
~12:15 – Lunch (45 mins)
6.Stress Induction Drill (~13:00-14:30)
Ingress/Egress, side to side movement including cover, command, and no shoot targets while instructors and students induce stress.
7.Hostage Rescue Drill (~14:30-15:00)
Timed hostage rescue drills
8.Debrief, feedback and questions – Distribute Course Certificates (~15:00-15:30)