All Range date and classes are subject to change.  Schedule may change for various reasons.  Please confirm all classes via email or phone.                                  
                                          TPC-Denotes the monthly Tactical Pistol Club sessions.  New students are always welcome 
uly 14- Tactical Shotgun
July 15- Tactical Pistol Club- Shooting from a vehicle
July 28th Markmanship lessons/ Live fire certifications
Aug. 4-Tactical pistol Club
Aug. 5-Tactical Pistol Club Advanced skills
Sept. 15-Tactical/ Home Defense Carbine 
Sept. 16-Tactical Pistol - Weapons Retention, Disarmament. 
Oct. 7-Two Day Tactical Pistol-day one
Oct.13-Two Day Tactical Pistol day two
Nov. 3-Tactical shotgun
Nov. 4-Tactical Pistol 
Dec. 8-TBD
Dec. 9-TBD

Aim Small Firearms Instruction