All Range date and classes are subject to change.  Schedule may change for various reasons.  Please confirm all classes via email or phone.                                  
                                          TPC-Denotes the monthly Tactical Pistol Club sessions.  New students are always welcome 

March 17  Tactical Pistol Club. Spring warm up and skill review.
March 23  Tactical Shotgun Deployment
April 13     Tactical Rifle deployment 
April 14    Tactical Pistol Club Edge weapon defense W/ Modern
May 18    Tactical Pistol Active shooter Response for civilians
May 19    Tactical Shotgun/ Rifle Combined.
June 8 TBD
June 9  TBD
June 30 TBD
July 20 TBD
July 21 TBD
Aug. 10 TBD
Aug 11  TBD
Sept. 14 TBD
Sept. 15  TBD
Oct. 12  TBD
Oct. 13  TBD
Nov. 2  TBD
 Nov. 3  TBD
Dec. 14 TBD
 Dec 15 TBD

Aim Small Firearms Instruction