All Range date and classes are subject to change.  Schedule may change for various reasons.  Please confirm all classes via email or phone.  All Classes taught at 
BLUE MOUNTAIN SPORTSMAN CENTER unless otherwise stated.                                
 Jan 13th.    NYS/UTAH CFP lecture Ossining VAC 8 Clinton Ave.
 Jan 27th. NYS/UTAH CFP lecture Ossining VAC 8 Clinton Ave.
 Feb 13th.     Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship
Feb 20-21th.   Two Day Advanced Tactical Handgun
March 6-7th Introduction to Sporting Clays- New Paltz, NY
March 13th.   Basic Tactical / Defensive Rifle
March 21st.  Home Defense Shotgun 
March 27th. Tactical Handgun; Fundamental of Defensive
April 10th.    Tactical Pistol Moving Targets.
April 11th.    Tactical Rifle Defensive Home protection
April 17th.    Introduction to Sporting Clays- New Paltz, NY
April 24th.   Tactical Shotgun Defensive Home protection
May 15th.      Tactical Pistol Active shooter Response for civilians
May 16th.     Tactical Shotgun/ Rifle Combined Training Session.
May 22th.   Introduction to Sporting Clays- New Paltz, NY
May 29th.    Tactical Response to Active Shooter repeat 
June 6th.     Introduction to Defensive Handgun.
June 12th.   Fundamentals of Accuracy : Rifle and Handgun. 
May 19th.   Introduction to Sporting Clays- New Paltz, NY
June 26th.  Tactical Pistol: Moving Targets on the Move.
July 17th.   Tactical Pistol Fundamantals-  Brush up on your skills
July 18th.   Tactical Rifle Deployment.
July 24th.   Basics of Edge Weapons Defense- 
                       Handgun Response.
Aug 14th.   Tactical Pistol Shooting Vehicle Tactics.
Aug 15th    Multiple Targets Moving and Static.
Aug 18th    Utah CFP/ NYS Pistol Permit Safety Lecture -
                    Ossining, NY.
Aug 28th     Fundamentals of Defensive Long Gun 
                    Rifle and Shotgun.
Sept 18th. Tactical Shotgun Deployment.
Sept 19th.  Tactical Rifle Deployment.
Sept 25th.  Tactical Pistol - Support Hand Shooting.
Oct 9th.     Rifle Fundamentals- Tactical/ Scoped/ Iron Sights.
Oct 10th.   Tactical Pistol Edge Weapon Defense Close Quarter                             Defense
OCt 23rd. Tactical Shotgun Deployment.
Nov. 7th.  Tactical Rifle/ Shotgun Combination.    
Nov 13th.  Tactical Handgun.  Speed and Efficiency and Accuracy.
Dec. 4th.  Home Defense Shotgun
Dec 5  Tactical Pistol Club Distance shooting.  Drills from the
             15-25 yard line.
Dec 11 Tactical Pistol Club Year in Review.  WE will be testing each students Skills.

Aim Small Firearms Instruction