Police / Civilian Carbine / Shotgun Training Course

You will learn theory, marksmanship, tactical deployment, movement drills, and proper fundamentals. Train like a Law Enforcement Officer. A must for civilians intending to use a carbine/ shotgun for self-defense.
Length: One (1) day
*Student supplies ammo, weapon. loaner available for an additional fee of $35.00*
*Due to new range time costs min of 3 students needed to book the course.

If you are interested in registering for this course, scroll down to the contact form below to send us your information. Please put the name of the course in the “Subject” field. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Equipment List

Working Pump, Semi-Auto Shotgun or Rifle
Suitable caliber shotgun-12/20/410
Rifle calibers .223/5.56/300 Blackout/ .22 rimfire with the appropriate weapon system. call for guidance.
350 rounds of Rifle ammo
225 rounds of shotgun 150 skeet, 50 buckshot, and 25 slugs– if you can not find buck and slug bring skeet loads.
Appropriate Range Gear for all weather conditions- class is not canceled for foul weather
Lunch, snacks, and Water. I supply coffee and Bagels in the morning
Eye and Ear Protection
Ammo Carriers- includes cargo pants with pockets for shotgun ammo. magazine carriers, dump pouches, and all appropriate gear.
Good Shoes, Long pants with belt loops, and a sturdy belt.
Sun Screen

Loaner Weapons:
There will be a $35.00 fee for loaner weapons per course. Some courses include loaner weapons at no charge. Ammo is available at an additional fee.

Weapons available – If you are looking to shoot a particular firearm call us. We may be able to obtain it for you.
Carbine Rifles
Youth stock shotguns and rifles
Remington semi-auto/pump shotgun
Handguns on request

Range and weapon rentals are available – Call for more information
Fees is determined upon request as it needs to be determined by time and weapons usage. Ammo fee is always separate and an adequate lead time is necessary to allow for ammo delivery. Most ammo available but the quantity will vary.

Due to range time pricing, some courses are may not be available for small class sizes. Prices subject to change without notice. Once booked, the price is locked in.

All fees must be paid in full on the day of the class. A $75.00 deposit is required at the time of booking unless otherwise stated. Deposits can be paid by check  Zelle/ Chase Quick Pay or Venmo. Final payments must be in cash or check, . All fees are subject to change without notice.  All checks need to be sent to the address below made out to Paul Conforti. Do not send checks to the Watch Hill Avenue address.

Aim Small Firearms Instruction—–

Checks made out Paul J. Conforti
1231 Audra Court
Mohegan Lake, New York 10547

Send your Deposit via Zelle, Chase Quick pay payments to sgt1653@optonline.net
Venmo Payments @Pauljconforti16

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