$185pp 1.5 hrs.

General instruction will be held at the Blue Mountain Shooting Range. Group discounts are available.


You will learn theory, marksmanship, tactical deployment, movement drills and proper fundamentals.


Full Day Handgun skills course. Tactical Handgun Training Basic/Advanced skills.


This is a 2+ hour course. Students pay for all targets, ammo and loaner weapon if needed.


One day course includes lecture and range work. Includes range fees and fifty targets/ammo 12 or 20 gauge. Group discounts available.


One day course of basic rifle shooting skills. The course includes range time, loaner .22 cal rifle and .22 cal ammunition.


One day course includes Range time, 25 rounds of skeet, ammo. Student is free to purchase additional ammo and targets at the cost of same.


One day course includes Range Time, loaner .22 and .22 Cal ammo. Loaner handguns are on a first come first served basis.


Needed to obtain a concealed carry permit in Florida and approved training for carry in Putnam County


This course is required for the Westchester County/ NYS Pistol Permit Application.

Phone Hours

7:00 AM. - 11:00 PM (7 days a week)
LEOSA Inquiry (24/7)

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