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The Tactical Pistol Club is a monthly handgun training session that is run similar to law enforcement In-service training. Each new student will be evaluated on their first session and taught basic weapon handling, the draw, and presentation.

The sessions always start with fundamental shooting drills to perfect your basic shooting and then progress to basic self-defense gun-fighting skills. Each instructor is Law Enforcement or NRA trained and certified.

We progress during each training day from static to dynamic drills. You will not be shooting from a booth or standing in place all day. Our instructors are constantly developing new drills to train you. This is not a take one-time course. This is a venue for you to come and train on a regular basis.

We welcome you to attend each session but we accept that you will come when you can and will do our best to give our all even if you come only a few times a year. I recommend that you come 3-4 times a year. We make it affordable so you’ll come back. If you train only once a year there will be many months of skill losing time. We keep your training curve high.  We will make you the best hand gunner you can be.

Club Membership

Each club member will be assessed the non-refundable start up fee. The fee covers targets, backers, range equipment and initial training session.
$190 / Start Up

Tactical Pistol Club Membership

  • A monthly Range/Training fee of $140 is required per session
    (Student shall supply their own ammo)
    There must be 5 club members present for training to proceed.
    Members will have to confirm attendance one week prior by providing the range fee. Cash, check or PayPal accepted.
$160 / Start Up


  • A monthly Range/Training fee of $140 is required per session
    (Student shall supply their own ammo)
    There must be 5 club members present for training to proceed.
    Members will have to confirm attendance one week prior by providing the range fee. Cash, check or PayPal accepted.


It is important that all shooters be ready for tactical pistol training. The following is the basic equipment that you will need.

  • Appropriate Handgun Calibers Used for Self Defense
    Pocket pistols need belt hip holsters. 22 pistols are ok but holsters are required. You should have at least two spare magazines. Preferred calibers: 380, 9MM, 40S&W, 45 ACP, 38 SPECIAL. If you have large full-size handguns bring those first. There is quite a bit of skills practice and full-size / larger handguns shoot better.
  • Fitted Belt Holster & Belt
  • 200 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Eyes & Ears Protection
  • Appropriate Clothing for Weather
    We do not postpone training due to rain or snow unless it poses a dangerous risk or the park is closed. Clothing should be comfortable with good footwear for movement.  No slippers, open toe, and the like.  Long pants, hats, and sunglasses recommended. For the colder months coats and jackets that fit well and provide room to move freely. sunscreen and insect repellant are reccomended.

Equipment Policy

Range sessions have increased in number and so have the necessity to have everyone with the proper safe equipment.

All weapons will be inspected at the start of each session. Weapons must operate as the manufacture designed. All safety features and safeties must operate at 100 percent or the weapon will not be allowed. The responsibility for a fully functioning weapon is the responsibility of the member. If the weapon is not deemed 100% operational the member will not be allowed to use that weapon. Loaner weapons may be available but are not guaranteed. No refunds will be given.

Holsters. Each member is responsible for having a matched holster for each weapon that he is going to use. Holsters are made for a specific weapon. Each member will have a holster that holds the weapon securely. Weapons that are loose in the holster will not be allowed. Bucket-style holsters that can fit more than one gun type will not be allowed. Standard hip holsters are required, Crossbreed in the pants are acceptable. Shoulder, ankle, purse, fanny pack, SMB will be disallowed as a general rule. They may however be used during the one on one dynamic training drills.

Other Equipment. Any item that a shooter wears to the shooting sessions that impedes range safety will not be allowed.

Range safety issues will be assessed by the range instructors supervising the sessions. If you have had any issues during the range session please look over your equipment and get it serviced. It’s your responsibility.


The range fee must be paid one week prior to the range session in order that Instructors can be hired based on a real-time number of students. It is imperative that there be a safe and productive environment and this is only possible if there is adequate supervision. It is, therefore, necessary to have the payment paid prior to the range session to guarantee the professional Instructors arrival on the range. I am committed to the date and once I hire instructors they are also equally committed and I require each student to also be committed to the training. Therefore range fees are not refundable and are not transferable..

It is however my policy to evaluate each student’s request for a postponement on a case by case basis. I understand family and personal issues that come up and will always try to work with each and every member to always be fair. It though is totally my discretion to transfer the range fee from one month to the next. Any unused balance that I may hold becomes the property of the Aim Small Instruction after 6 months unless otherwise stated. (Range closures will always be refunded) There is however no transfer for members that commit to the range date and fail to show with no notification of your lack of attendance. Thank you for your cooperation and feel free to contact me if you have issues with the range sessions that you have paid for. I am always willing to help if I can.

We have been running our Tactical Pistol Club for over 12 years and I could not be happier with the results. We have a Loyal following and many members join us every month. My instructors and I have had a positive experience over the years and hope for more students to continue these great training sessions. We here at Aim Small want every firearms owner to be expertly trained to help them protect their family and to mitigate the liability of owning and using a firearm for self-defense. We hope to see you on the range soon. – SGT. Paul J. Conforti

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